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It’s Scout Founder’s Day.

Scout Founder’s Day commemorates the birthday of the man who founded the Scouting movement.

His name was Robert Baden-Powell, and he was born in 1857.

To celebrate the occasion, Henry the Hedgegnome has gone on a Scout Camp.

Scout founder's Day - Be prepared

Be prepared.

Scout camps are full of exciting things to do, and he has already started a fire by rubbing two sticks together. This has put him well on his way to earning himself the Survival Skills Activity Badge.

Survival Skills Badge 2015

His next task is to make some soup for tea.

I wonder if there is a Campfire Soup Badge.

Scout Founder’s Day and beyond.

If you join the Beavers, Cubs or Scouts, you could be off on all sorts of adventures, just like the Chief Scout, Bear Grylls. And remember, if you want to become a survival expert, like Bear Grylls, you must always be prepared.


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