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Children’s stories about a hedgehog in stripy socks.

Zoo - new book 8 out now

​Henry the Hedgegnome’s Great Aunt Hogerty is staying at the zoo, but when Henry visits her to deliver some gifts, his dealings with the other animals land him in all sorts of trouble.

Happy Henry covered in poo
Happy Henry covered in poo

When we heard that Dartmoor Zoo was creating a hedgehog rescue centre called The Prickly Hedge Lodge we knew we wanted to get involved. So, Henry’s new adventure takes him to the zoo. It’s a wonderful place, and we think you’ll like it.

And there are plenty of funny new characters to meet along the way.

To find out more about the zoo, or to make a contribution to The Prickly Hedge Lodge, click here to visit The Dartmoor Zoo website.

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Henry the Hedgegnome and the poo at the zoo - cover
Henry the Hedgegnome children's books. Henry standing on the author's hand.

About Richard Heddington

Why was Henry the Hedgegnome hiding in the attic for nearly 40 years? Read the fascinating story of how Henry the Hedgegnome books came to be published (and why it took so long).
Henry the Hedgegnome children's books. A Christmas bedtime story read by the author. - video


See what happened when Henry the Hedgegnome went on Dragon’s Den. It all happened on April 1st.
Christmas Cheer and a Happy New Year (Lyric Video)


If you like Springwatch, You’ll love HOGWATCH. Watch Henry’s video about helping hedgehogs in your garden.

Richard Heddington, children’s author.

Richard Heddington first drew Henry the Hedgegnome when he was at school in the late 1970’s.
Although most hedgehogs are renowned for hibernating, Henry the Hedgegnome took it to the extreme and had a 40 year nap before being awoken to star in a bedtime story for Richard’s first granddaughter.
It was while reading a MrMen book as a bedtime story that he realised the simple illustrated format was perfect for Henry the Hedgegnome. After a rummage in the attic to find the original drawings, the first book ‘Henry the Hedgegnome has a busy day’ was soon written, illustrated, and published.
Since the publication of that first book, Henry the Hedgegnome has grown in popularity and the stories are now sold around the world.
When asked about the 40 years it took to create the children’s book series, Richard jokes that “Sometimes, overnight success takes a little time.”

Henry the Hedgegnome, a children’s book superstar.

Henry the Hedgegnome is a little hedgehog who wears stripy socks. These picture books are perfect bedtime stories for 2-6 year-olds and easy reading for early readers. Through Henry’s adventures children are introduced to other garden creatures such as Mr Snail, Mr Worm, and Mr Bee.

Henry the Hedgegnome is a hit with children worldwide, and the success is attributed to a growing awareness of the plight of hedgehogs and the simplicity of the illustrations. Henry the Hedgegnome is real enough for children to believe in him, while being simple enough for them to easily draw for themselves.

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