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It’s Moth-ers day.

No, not Mother’s Day. MOTH-ers day.

Today is the day to start taking a new look at moths.

Lots of people think that butterflies are beautiful and moths are brown and dreary, but it is not true.

You don’t even have to wait until it gets dark. Although we think moths come out at night, there are hundreds that fly during the day.

Henry the Hedgegnome is having a great time looking for moths in the garden. Why not have a look in your garden? The next time you see a moth, why not take a closer look.

You will be amazed at the colours and patterns on them. Many are more beautiful than butterflies.

They also have some really funny names. Here are a few examples:

Puss Moth

Elephant Hawk Moth

True Lovers Knot

Tiger Moth

The Snout

Heart And Dart

Large Yellow Underwing

Don’t forget to let Henry know if you find some interesting moths in your garden.

Happy MOTHers day

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