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Henry the Hedgegnome plays tennis

Henry the Hedgegnome wanted to play tennis with his friend, Mr Snail.
After watching Wimbledon on the telly he knew exactly what to do.
So he put on his white tennis socks and grabbed his racket.
With Mr Snail waiting at the other side of the net, Henry got ready to serve.
He knew that bouncing the ball was very important for a good serve, so he counted as he did it.


“One,” said Henry after the first bounce.

Tennis service bounce
He gave the ball a second bounce.

He bounced the ball a third time.

After the third bounce he threw the ball into the air as high as he could.

Tennis serve toss
He waited, but the ball didn’t come back down.
He looked up into the sky, but he couldn’t see the ball anywhere.

Henry looking up
Henry looked at Mr Snail and shrugged his shoulders.
At that instant, the ball fell onto Henry’s head with a plop and it stuck on one of Henry’s spikes.Henry the Hedgegnome ball on head

Mr Snail laughed at Henry with a tennis ball stuck on his head.

Mr Snail laughing
“New balls please!” said Henry.

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