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Richard Heddington is taking bookings for school visits and workshops.


For the early years children, a reading by the author is a fun way to spend story time.
A session normally lasts approx 30-45 minutes, and consists of reading one or more of the Henry the Hedgegnome stories.

Activities can be added to create an extended visit.

Sessions can be modified to focus on specific class requirements. Get in touch to discuss options.

KS1 & KS2 workshops

These author visit workshops are an introduction to the world of writing a story and creating a book.

A visit begins with a reading of one or more of the Henry the Hedgegnome books.
After the reading we deconstruct the story to look at how it is made. Questions and answers about the story and writing a book are encouraged throughout.

The workshops include story making activities to develop the concept of beginning/middle/end.
These workshops usually last about 60-90 minutes.

All sessions can be modified to focus on specific class requirements. Please get in touch to discuss options.

KS2 workshop: Create and publish a picture book.

They say there’s a book inside all of us. This unique workshop brings it out.

The ‘Create and publish a picture book’ workshop is aimed at the older KS2 pupils.
I have found that after many of  my author visits, the KS2 classes will take on a project of writing their own Henry the Hedgegnome stories. Some of these stories are very good indeed, so this workshop takes their stories a stage further and gives children the chance to have their story published as a paperback book and available for their friends and family to buy on Amazon.

The benefits to the pupils include:

  • Literacy
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Planning
  • A great sense of confidence and achievement.

The benefits to the school include:

  • Having a published book in the school can create a buzz for reading and writing among the rest of the school.
  • The finished book offers an excellent PR opportunity for the school.

(After the day of the workshop, additional work needs to be undertaken by the class and myself. When the story is complete, the school sends the finished elements to me to compile and publish the book.)

This is a day-long workshop that can be split into 2, 3, or 4 sessions throughout the day to suit school timings.
Class size for this workshop is 30 max.

The day of the workshop is just the beginning of the project, and afterwards the pupils take on the task of working as a team to write and illustrate their own Henry the Hedgegnome story. When they have created the text and illustrations, everything is sent to me to compile the book and publish it for sale on Amazon.

The day covers:

  • Story – beginning/middle/end
  • Character – drawing Henry the Hedgegnome
  • Location – story setting
  • Targeting the readership
  • Storyboarding – planning and structuring the story
  • Creation of images – colours/styles/consistency
  • Book building – page count, choice of font & additional info
  • Creation of cover – illustration and back cover blurb
  • Selling/Marketing – Data needed for Amazon and the importance of marketing the book.

When the group has completed the writing of their book, the school sends me the text (story, cover blurb, contributor’s names etc – via email) and illustrations (either scanned files via email, or by posting the illustrations to me for scanning).
I then compile the book and prepare it for publishing.
The school will receive a proof copy of the finished paperback book, and once you have had a chance to approve it, the book will be made available for sale.

The children will then be able to purchase copies of their own paperback picture book.

Holding your own physical paperback book is an exciting way to encourage writing.

What better subject for next year’s World Book Day than your very own in-house publication?

With the additional work required by the class and myself, the compiling and publication of the book obviously takes time. By undertaking this workshop during the current term, the finished book can be available for World Book Day 2018. Early participation of the workshop may also enable the publication in time for Christmas.

I am sure you can see why I am excited about this workshop.


Please get in touch to discuss available dates and rates for readings and workshops.

Henry the Hedgegnome is looking forward to visiting your school.

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